Where did my blogroll editor go??? The new WordPress dashboard is confusing me… damnit… I WAS JUST GETTING USED TO THIS!!!

Mondays aren’t good. I’m tired and I feel like I was swallowing nails all night last night. Bartending, house music and shots… not smart 😦 Oh well… I’ll get something soothing for lunch and NOT DRINK TONIGHT!

Oh, I’m buying Sweeney Todd this afternoon… I EFFING LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!! (Johnny Depp, I know I’m your favorite blogger.. CALL ME! ) 😉

Car payment, late again but that’s life…

I’m tired and only half memorized for my monologue… it’s going to be a late night tonight :-/

Weekend was good, sleep and lots of good times with my friends.

I’m sporatic today, yes I know but I want my blogroll to add my friend… THE BEST SPORTS BLOGGER IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://snackmissioner.blogspot.com Go see his blog and read his analysis on sports… I LOVE IT!

Ok… maybe more later and definitely apost on fresnocentric.com