PhotobucketAgainst better judgements I’ve decided to audition for the Woodward Shakespeare Festival’s production of Twelfth Night. Why am I doing this if it’s against better judgement? Well, I want the role. I’ve salivated over the role ever since they named their 2008 season. Sure Hamlet would be great but the SF Fringe conflicts and it’s all about the Fringe baby… but I digress… Basically I see it as this, I’ll probably never get an opportunity like this again and if I don’t put myself out there then I will never know if I’d be right for that part.

My count this week are those friends of mine that are 100% supporting me diving head first in this insanity. Of course Bar Fiend and Michelle are on board, but if it wasn’t for Jay P. hounding me I wouldn’t have had the guilty conscious… he KNOWS I want to play that role and he knew just how to goad me into getting my Thursday shift at the restaurant covered so I could go to call backs and make the audition appointment. Chris M. came to work last night and helped me pick out a more suitable monologue to memorize and audition with. He’s a near and dear theatre buddy and I’m thrilled he’s headed to Ohio for some Frontier fun! 🙂 Lecram is on board, although reluctantly, but he’s the one that knows me well enough to know I’m very close to spreading myself too thin and I count him because of his friendship and concern. There are so many others that are really awesome in telling me to Break a Leg or even posting a Hippie Shakespeare comment on my myspace page… I count these people because without their ‘blassings’ and encouragement I don’t think I’d be putting myself out there like Adam M. told me to do.

So Tuesday at 6:45 pm throw out some positive energy as I’m standing in front of those that make the decisions and reciting Rosalind’s speech from As You Like It.

And yeah, I guess this is too


Have a wonderful safe weekend! I’m off tonight to see this:


and having some champagne brunches and sleeping in and maybe reading some.