HNT – Half Nekkid Thursday, I used to participate when I used to blog, and now that I am blogging again I think I’ll be participating with the HNT in a different way. There has been some changes to the level of nekkid-ness shown over the past year and a half of my absence, and as I celebrate that freedom in everyone, I have chosen not to do this. No worries though, I’ve found that I’m not using my handy dandy picture phone all that often so I’ll be taking pictures of things that make me smile and touch me to the core… the nekkidness is getting to know what makes me quirk… so here’s the first HNT in my return to the blogging world.

 I present Monster, our poodle puppy, and yes he lives up to his name!


Happy HNT!!!

Go see Os and say HI and figure out what this HNT thang is all about!