I’ve been sick lately, banishing me to the couch and allowing me to get caught up on my movies. I’ve seen a few over the past few days and the two that have stuck with me are HITMAN and REVOLVER.


HITMAN is a movie based on a video game. With the recent successes of the Resident Evil movies this seems like a safe bet for movie producers. I actually really enjoyed this movie, although I’ve never played the game before. I had no idea what the movie was about or what the objective of the game was, this movie actually answered all the questions and made a non-gamer like myself understand what was going on. There are twists and turns in the film (no spoilers here!) and there was aspects of predictability. An action film with all the right ingredients. There’s just something about a man with a shaved head and a barcode tattooed on the back of his head. 😉

The second movie, REVOLVER was quite interesting. Guy Ritchie’s movie, which was released in 2005, but is new to us here in the States.


A movie I got because (1) I love Jason Stathum, (2) Ray Liotta makes me laugh because he’s either really good or really bad, and (3) I’m really beginning to enjoy Guy Ritchie’s movies (Snatch is a favorite). I realized last night when I put the DVD in that I hadn’t even read the back of the movie jacket. I had NO idea what this movie was about. Coming into it blind was a good and bad thing. It was good because I was able to not have any preconceived notions about the movie (other than the actors and the director appreciation) but it was bad because I was playing catch up. To be honest, I didn’t understand the subtext/symbolism to the movie until the final credits and the psychologists were talking. Without giving too much away, I can say this movie is about our EGO and how we are either the victim or the opponent in the game of life, it’s knowing when you’re the victim so you can become the opponent. Chess plays a symbolistic part in this movie and there’s a surprisingly amazing performance dolled out by OutKast’s Andre Benjamin.

This movie actually made me think, it made me wonder what role I was playing in my own game of life… am I the victim or am I the opponent? Is it my ego that rules me or do I rule my ego? All very interesting concepts to ponder over. I’ve become very interested in the whole idea of ego because of it and how/why it rules us or we rule it. I’m sure I’ll be talking about it more after I read up on some stuff, so I’ll leave you with the first rule (according to the movie) in playing any game: